Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Gatwick Airport Hotels with Parking

There are many advantages to staying at an hotel the night before you fly off to some exotic destination. Not least is the fact that you can be assured you will be on time for your check in and boarding. At the time of writing this short blog gales and winds have caused havoc across the road and rail network causing mass disruption and traffic chaos. It's not just the fact that you may miss your flight but it's the associated stress and worry it causes. Not a great way to start your holiday as the whole purpose of a break is to get away from the daily stress we have to endure. Finding the right hotel for your specific requirements is another matter and Gatwick Airport offers an entire range of possibilities to suit your needs and pocket. So here are some questions to help you search for the right hotel; Q.1 What time do you intend to arrive at the hotel or do you want to spend some time at the hotel to help you wind down and relax? Q.2 Do you want an evening meal in the hotel and how much money are you prepared to spend? Q.3 Do you have a family and do you require a family room? Q.4 Do you require leisure facilities? Q.5 What is your budget - do you want to keep the price below or above £100? Q.6 Is your priority a comfortable bed and a good night's sleep? Q.7 Do you want breakfast before you leave the hotel or will you have it at the airport whilst waiting to board the plane? Q.8 How important is the time factor in getting to the check-in desk on the morning of your flight? Q.9 Do you want to hang around in the morning waiting for buses or would you like to get to the airport in 5 minutes? Q.10 Do you expect to pay extra for your transfer to the terminal? Q.11 Do you have a car and do you need to keep it somewhere safe for the duration of your holiday? Q.12 Do you mind driving to a car park on the morning of your departure and transferring to a bus to take you into the airport terminal which can take up to an hour? Q.13 On your return from holiday do you mind having to wait for a bus, transferring your luggage and taking you back to a car park to pick up your car? Q.14 Do you want a Gatwick Parking Service where your car is brought to the terminal to enable you to drive directly home saving you valuable time especially after a tiring flight? Q.15 Do you expect to pay extra for a Gatwick Valet Parking Service? There is a little gem nestled in 20 acres of parkland and away from the hustle and bustle of the airport and traffic. This little gem is only 3/4 minutes from both terminals and yet has the appearance of a small rural estate. Hookwood Lodge was built C1850 as a rural retreat for wealthy London City dwellers. Converted to a small hotel in 2007 it has the enviable position of also owning an airport parking business directly opposite it's main gate. Here are some answers to the questions above with regard to Hookwood Lodge. A.1 Hookwood Lodge is open to welcome guests from 3pm onwards but you are welcome to arrive earlier by appointment. You can stroll through the gardens and grounds and perhaps end up at the Black Horse Pub located on it's perimeter. A.2 The Black Horse offers good wholesome food at excellent prices and if you're feeding your family it won't dent your pocket. A.3 Family rooms are available to sleep 2 adults and 2 children up to the age of 16. A.4 There is a games room, small gym and sauna located next to the hotel by appointment only at no extra charge. A.5 A double room is priced from £69 including a week's parking. Even a family room with two children including parking is only £99. A.6 A good bed is essential and our divans are comfortable and warm. Spacious rooms, tastefully decorated all with shower en-suite. A.7 Tea/coffee/hot chocolate/biscuits are complimentary and available in your room. Breakfast is not served as a fine breakfast at reasonable cost can be had at the airport's Garfunkel's and while you are waiting to board your flight. Time flies and it keeps the kids happy. A.8 At Hookwood Lodge we offer an exclusive transfer service to the airport terminal 24 hours a day. No timetables, we take you on demand with a one to one service. It is just 3/4 minutes to both North and South Terminal. A.9 No buses, no coaches, no other passengers, no waiting. A personal service with only your interest of our interest. A.10 No transfer charges raising the cost of your stay. All included as part of the Hookwood Lodge facilities. A.11 Our car park is directly adjacent to our hotel, fully authorised and holding the current coveted ParkMark® award from the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO). We are also an Approved Operator with Gatwick Airport. Your car is safe in our hands. A.12 Our motto is ' We work harder to make travel easier ' and this is never more true than when it comes to saving you time and hassle. A.13 Same applies. A.14 Our valet parking service is second to none with over 20 years experience doing exactly that. You will be delighted at being able to drive straight home from the terminal forecourt within minutes of collecting your luggage. A.15 Our valet parking service is completely free and inclusive of your accommodation. Just another reason why you should choose Hookwood Lodge for your park and stay package.


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